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INDEXing with a MATCH

  We’re going use MATCH to light a little fire under our INDEX igloo in today’s video.  We can use MATCH to help identify the row and column numbers we need to use in the INDEX formula.  That will really save use some time, because otherwise we’d have to manually count them and then type…

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INDEXing an Igloo

Using the INDEX formula in Excel can be as simple as counting the rows and columns in a grid (or igloo) to find the address of the specific value or text (or ice block) you are looking for.  Check out this video to learn the basic building blocks of the INDEX formula.  You’ll realize it’s…

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The Value MATCH

MATCHing a value in a list is particularly useful for automating look-ups to other data where the columns and rows aren’t consistent from month to month.  An example of this is reports earlier in the year, where empty accounts or business units are excluded.  Later, once they have data in them, they appear on the…

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A MATCH made in Excel heaven

MATCH is often used in combination with INDEX/MATCH, and we’ll get to that in a later video, but it’s also a handy formula in its own right.  Today we’ll cover how to write the basic formula, and then we’ll dig deeper over the next few weeks on how you can use it in other ways.…

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Viewing multiple windows of the same workbook

Whether you have two monitors or one, you can easily view two tabs in the same file or two sections of your spreadsheet side by side for quick comparison or easy formula creation.  The quick shortcuts in this video will keep your analysis moving right along, without having to waste time flipping back and forth.…

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Create a macro to insert a formula

If you work with the same data layout time after time, you can likely benefit from creating a macro or two to automate some of those pesky setup procedures. In this video, we’ll look at how to create a macro to automatically insert a  column and formula to a file that we update every month. Thanks for…

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