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Record. Test. Re-record. Repeat as necessary.

Mistakes happen.  We know that.  Microsoft knows that.  That’s why you can re-record a macro as many times as you like.  This is particularly useful if you happen to accidentally click on a cell when you’re recording a macro that should apply to whatever cell is selected when it is run.  Check out this video…

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To Enable or Disable macros…that is the question.

If you’ve got buttons in your Excel file or on your Quick Access Toolbar that don’t do anything when you click them, you probably missed the option to Enable macros when you opened the file.  In this video, I’ll show you what to look for and also give you a couple of tips about making…

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Running macros at the click of a button

It’s all very well to record a macro, but do you really want to take 4 clicks to run it each time?  Kind of defeats the purpose of creating a speedy macro, doesn’t it? In this video, I’ll show you how to assign your new macro to a single button that is always available front…

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Are you repeating yourself? If so, record a macro.

Are there certain steps you do in Excel over and over again?  Do you click on the same sequence of buttons or follow the same steps day in and day out, or month over month?  Learn how to harness the power of macros in Excel in this series of short videos which will be released…

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Filtering Fun

Filters are a great way to help you quickly analyze data and can be used in a variety of scenarios to highlight information of interest and narrow down your focus.  In this video, we’ll cover how to set up your filters and the basics of using them, and then in future videos we’ll talk about other…

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Add Style to Your File

If you like to use the same formatting again and again for cells such as report headers, then you’ll love this tip.  Save a template version of the format you like to use to Cell Styles, and then create a template file that opens when you open Excel.  You’ll have your new styles ready at…

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