Switching It Up With Pivot Tables

Hello and welcome!  In today’s lesson, we’re going to take a look at how to switch up our analysis and look at the values a different way.   Last time, we ended up with a pivot table that looked something like this: As you can see, the different Account categories are down the side and…

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Super Subtotals with Pivot Tables

Pivot Tables are great for summarizing data in multiple buckets.  It’s easy to break out the data into different categories, and subtotal the values for each one.  In this video, we’ll add Columns to our analysis to split out the results by business unit, and into Actual and Budget categories with subtotals.   If you…

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A Trick to Make Your Pivot Format Stick

Why, oh why, won’t my pivot table format ‘stick’?  Ever wondered why your number formatting keeps disappearing in your pivot table?  Check out this video to learn the trick.  We’ll also discuss how to show each of your pivot table fields in a different Excel column. Already use and love pivot tables?  Take your pivot…

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Instant Analysis with Pivot Tables

Want to take your analysis to the next level?  In the next few videos, learn how to harness the power of pivot tables to create quick and easy analyses.  Discover how to modify them with a simple drag and drop!  No longer will you be scared of breaking the file when someone sends you a…

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IFERROR This, Excel!

IFERROR is a great nested formula to use when you’ve got data that may or may not return an error.  You’re probably more than familiar with these fun little errors, right?  #N/A, #REF! and #DIV/0 like to pop up every now and then just to mess up our reports and screw up the Sum formula. …

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A nest sounds nice and cozy, right?  Keep that image in your mind today as we dive into the INDEX/MATCH nested formula.  It can look really scary, but if you’ve already built the pieces, it’s really easy to put them together.  I’ll show you how in this video. Thanks for stopping by! Previous tip p.s. You…

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