Super Subtotals with Pivot Tables

Pivot Tables are great for summarizing data in multiple buckets.  It’s easy to break out the data into different categories, and subtotal the values for each one.  In this video, we’ll add Columns to our analysis to split out the results by business unit, and into Actual and Budget categories with subtotals.


If you already use Pivot Tables, grab a copy of my Top 5 Strategies for Effective Pivot Table Reporting  to learn new techniques, including: how to make GETPIVOTDATA return different values, and how to use Excel Tables to refresh your pivot tables with ease!

Download the document here:

Also, it would be awesome if you would please send this link to your co-workers and friends, too.  I’d love to get as many people as possible using pivot tables to make their lives easier and their analyses FAST!


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