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Learn how to create fast reports in Excel with
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Learn the Five Step Process to Creating Fast Excel Reports

Do you feel frustrated when you're working with data in Excel?  Like you're spinning your wheels, or like there's got to be a way to automate the analysis or pull out meaningful information, if only you knew how.

You're professional and will get it done, even if you have to stay late or do boring copy/paste.  Wasting hours fighting with formula errors doesn't get you home any sooner to family and friends.  But now, you're questioning whether there's a better way - to get the formulas working for you, instead of against you.  That's where I come in.

I'm Mariana Trapnell, Excel Geek extraordinare.  I love helping people like you  learn to work with your data faster and add more value to the reports you create.  Each time, there's a specific, repeatable process to increase efficiency so you can do the actual analysis, or maybe even work on other interesting projects.  I want to share this process with you, and help you to become the go-to person for quick and accurate data analysis and reporting.

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