What’s Up with VLookup?

Vlookup is one of the most talked about formulas and is also a great time-saver when you’re combining a lot of data together, but is also one that gives people a lot of trouble.  It can be a bit picky when it comes to the different pieces you need to enter and I share a couple of tricks to it in this video.

For a written description on how to use the Vlookup formula, check out this blog post I wrote a few years ago:

What’s up with VLOOKUP?

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  • Have you used this formula and if so, what for?
  • If it’s new to you, have you already tried it on your data?  How did it go?  Any issues I can help with?
  • Are there other topics you think it would be useful for me to post on?   and/or do you have any questions in Excel you’d like me to answer?

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  • Mariana Trapnell

    Reply Reply March 5, 2017

    Hey! I’m making a change to the blog to display only one Comments section and I’ll actually get notified when a comment is made. Unfortunately, that means previous comments made via Facebook will be removed. So that we don’t lose the information, I’ve copied them below. Thanks for joining in! Sharing knowledge is what this blog is all about, so it’s great when you take the time to share your knowledge too!

  • Mariana Trapnell

    Reply Reply March 5, 2017

    Darcy Savard: This was a great explanation. I’ve used this before but I’ve never truly understood what the True / False column was. Great post.

  • Mariana Trapnell

    Reply Reply March 5, 2017

    Salim Dhalla: Just catching up with your videos now – yes, I have used vlookup many many times – and mostly it’s for a merge of reported data – i.e. one has data that I need to use on another excel file.

    Mariana: Absolutely – vlookup is very handy for combining data to contain the fields you need. Good call, Salim!

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